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Homemaker Gets Groceries without Heavy Bags and Taxi Rides

October 12, 2019
Install Now! Call us your grocery problem solver – you shop and we’ll deliver your…

Easier Grocery Shopping in Malaysia with HappyFresh. Annamarie tells her story

September 27, 2019
Install Now! Contrary to popular belief, migrating to a foreign land is not always fine…

Meet Tien, The Happiest Employee At HappyFresh!

August 31, 2019
Install Now! In the previous article, we shared a story about Rachel Chang. This month,…

A Simplified Life of a Homemaker from an Ad Encounter

August 20, 2019
Install Now!   Imagine being a full-time homemaker with 2 active children. From the moment…

How to Thrive Both at Work and at Home? Do The Things You Love

July 26, 2019
Install Now! Several months ago, Waranya Pimsri shared to us several tips on being a…

Penang’s Permanent Resident, Lynda Davies Shares Her HappyStory

June 28, 2019
Install Now!   Originally British from Manchester, England, Lynda Davies has been residing in Penang…

Why Work at a Startup After Graduation? Jun, HappyFresh’s Senior Associate, Answers

May 31, 2019
Install Now! Working in a startup after graduation has become a more popular choice for…

Ella’s HappyStory: A Full-Time Housewife

May 28, 2019
Install Now!   Having encountered a Facebook advertisement and a pleasant shopping experience, Ella Mohd…

Is It Okay to Switch Career Multiple Times? From Biotechnology to Recruitment, Here’s Amelia’s Story

May 4, 2019
Install Now! Seven years ago, Amelia Indra (Amel) graduated with a Diploma in Biotechnology and…

In Between Breastfeeding and Working at a Startup, Here’s a Story of Waranya Pimsri

April 19, 2019
Install Now! What would you do if you found out you’re pregnant on your first…

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