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The COVID-19 situation in our country has been an eye-opener to the importance of having a strong immune system, but knowing is one thing and taking the necessary actions are another – are we REALLY doing all we can to strengthen our immune system?

Efforts to preserve our health stretches far beyond merely eating healthy food and keeping our hygiene in check. Here are various ways to build our immunity and fortify our defences against anything and everything that poses a threat not only to our health but the health of our loved ones. 

1. Get sufficient sleep

Good sleep helps strengthen our immune system

Studies have shown that adults who suffer from sleep deprivation are prone to illnesses, some of which can be fatal. 

Children are more susceptible to illnesses stemming from sleep deprivation. Generally, the younger they are the more average hours of sleep they require. Infants need about 16 hours a day while toddlers require 11 – 14 hours daily and preschoolers require 9 hours every night. Adults need about 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night.

If you are struggling to fall asleep every night, here are the few things you could do:

  • Make sure your room is dark, quiet and cool.
  • Stay away from electronic devices a few hours before heading to sleep.
  • Limit daytime naps to less than 45 minutes.

2. Exercises

Exercising helps build immune system.

There must be a reason why it is often preached to exercises – because it is healthy. Sometimes getting your children to exercise with you will be quite hard, especially when most children these are always glued to their electronic devices. 

One way to curb this problem to be a good role model by being the initiator and insisting they join you as well. Instead of chasing them outdoors, why not join them. 

Efforts to exercise may be a little tricky given the recent Movement Control Order, which is now in full effect, but that doesn’t mean your daily exercises have to be compromised as well. Check out our article about the simple exercises you can do when you are self-quarantined below:

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3. Healthy food

Eating healthy helps build a strong immune system.

If your diet never consisted of yoghurt and fresh fruits, well now is a good time to start eating them. The general rule is to always be mindful of what we consume. It may be alright to pamper ourselves with some less healthy comfort food occasionally, but it must be consumed in moderation. A balanced diet is key to build a strong immune system and ultimately a healthy life.

4. Manage stress

Manage stress helps manage a good immune system.

Stress is part and parcel of life but only becomes dangerous once we do not know how to manage it correctly. 

It is important to note that our children experience stress too. Though we may perceive most of them as a small matter, it might mean a gigantic pain in their lives, hence why we should not brush it off as something minute.

Being open is one way for your child would invite you into their lives – willingly telling you stories about their day and the struggles they are facing daily, instilling a healthy relationship between you and your child in the process. 




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