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It’s no secret that blood donation can give you many benefits. Though, some fatigue after your good deed is inevitable. You can prime yourself by eating properly in order to prevent excessive fatigue.

Iron, Vitamin C and Water

  • Iron, nature’s best fatigue-fighter, can be found in oysters, fish, beans, poultry, lentils, beans, tofu, potatoes, cashews, raisins, spinach, and many others.
  • Vitamin C to your diet can help to increase your body’s ability to absorb iron. As you know, you can find vitamin C in tomatoes, papaya, spinach, broccoli, and many other citrus fruits.
  • Drink more water than usual. According to The American Red Cross, donors should take around 30 ml more water in the day before and after the donation.

The Day

The ideal thing to do when you go out there and do your good deed is to prepare your ammunition, which can be bringing your own snacks that consist of cashews, raisins, or even bananas! Also do not forget about the things you might need during the time.

Wear, Music and Id Card

  • Wear: You will need to roll up your sleeve past your elbow, so make sure that you are wearing a comfortable clothes.
  • Music: Try to relax by listening to music or make a conversation with others.
  • ID: Don’t forget to bring your ID and donor card.


Extra tips:

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages after over the next 24 hours after your appointment.
  • Have some cookies, milk or other snack.
  • Take around 4 glasses of water.

So, iron, vitamin C, tons of water, and snacks on the go? Got it!

Now you’re ready for blood donation and help people who need it. But, wait. Aren’t you too busy to go to a supermarket? Worry no more! Get your fish, beans, papaya, and bananas at your fingertips.

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