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Any well-bonded family will tell you that blood is always thicker than water, placing the emphasis of the family before all else. For a child, family life is the single most important factor that determines their development and serves as a guideline through the many years to come.  

Even as an infant, children rely heavily on their parents for protection and to fulfil their needs. As the years go by, when children mature, parents take on the integral role as teachers and role models, imparting core values and virtues which guide their children as they venture into the world beyond their front door. 

However, this is merely scratching the surface. The importance of family life stretches far deeper than mere values and virtues. Here are 3 reasons why family life is important in our children’s lives. 

1. Easier to resolve family conflicts 

Chinese mother hugging daughter

Accomplishing a healthy family life does not necessarily mean completely eliminating any family conflicts and arguments, but it does help with resolving difference amongst family members. In spite of being bound by blood, we are all different people with our own outlooks on various issues we encounter.  

Building a healthy relationship with your child instils a sense of trust and empathy between you and your child. It makes it easy to understand one another and more importantly, forgive and move on.  

This is crucial when your children become teenagers as they become harder to control and rebellious on multiple occasions.

2. Respecting opinions

Respecting opinions help build family life.

Having casual conversations with your child will foster openness in your relationship, allowing them to speak their mind (without being rude). Over time, it will encourage them to open up more towards you. 

Through such an experience they would learn to respect the opinions of others allowing them to conduct respectful and fruitful conversations with a high degree of tact, aiding them in various social situations and especially helpful when they step into the workforce as well. 

Further up in life, particularly during their teenage years, they would comfortably share their worries and personal problems with you, which in turn may prevent them from looking for solutions and escape routes at the wrong places. 

3. Build healthy relationships 

Family life helps build better relationships.

Children tend to emulate their parents which ultimately develops their character. As much as we can verbally impart these valuable virtues, it is equally as important that we walk the walk as much as we talk the talk, hence the saying – actions speak louder than words. 

Such virtue will be beneficial when they start getting into relationships with their potential partners as well, building healthy relationships of their own. 

With the emergence of technology and social media, the call for parents to be ever-present in their child’s life is as crucial now more than ever. Now, with the arrival of school holidays, take this opportunity and spend some quality time with your children these few months and show them the importance of family life before all else. 

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