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‘Fruits are good for you’, said our parents who have stuffed apples and oranges into our mouths from a really young age. Somehow now, the knowledge of fruits being good for us is permanent in our heads.

But when is the best time to eat fruits? Should you avoid fruits before bedtime or after a meal? The truth is, any time of the day is usually apple-solutely great to eat a fruit! Fruits are nutritious and very healthy if eaten at a considerate amount daily. Per day, your body needs about 3-4 servings of fruits, which is around 2 cups of fruits.

However, the timing of your fruit intake may influence how well your body breaks them down. Other factors to consider when eating fruits are health conditions, calories or sugar intake or if you’re trying to lose or gain weight. It is important to eat fruits at the right time particularly if you are diabetic. Read on to find out the best time you should eat fruits and how it helps your body.

1) Pre-Workout

Sliced bananas on a plate

Fruits are an awesome pre-workout snack as they are considered to be simple carbohydrates. They provide fuel to muscles much faster than slower-digesting complex carbohydrates like pasta or bread. Fruits contain essential vitamins and consuming them pre-workout can give you a boost of energy as they contain sugar and carbohydrates. 

Bananas are great for a pre-workout meal as they contain high potassium. Potassium affects your electrolyte balance in a good way as you work out. Potassium is usually lost through sweat when you work out or when exercising in a hot surrounding. By consuming potassium-rich food before these workouts, you get to prevent losing too much potassium and even avoid cramping.

Fruits usually contain high water content which also helps keep you hydrated during a workout.

2) Post-Workout

Tired woman after a workout

We often forget to consume the right nutrients after a workout. A post-workout meal is as important as a pre-workout meal. 

A perfect yet simple post-workout meal would be a hard-boiled egg served with a side of fruit. Fruits like bananas, berries, or papayas are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and macronutrients such as calcium, iron, and of course, potassium. Consuming these fruits are a great way to freshen up your tired muscles after a sweaty workout.

3) With another meal?

A healthy meal with fruits, oats, and eggs

Keep your digestive tract happy as you consume fruits by knowing the science behind it! To simply put it, fruits are quick to digest. Therefore, eating fruits with other meals slows down this usually quick digestive process allowing it to remain in the stomach longer. This can sometimes cause the fruit to ferment in your gut. Fermentation can cause bloating or heartburn.

However, as said previously, fruit consumption depends more on the individual’s health conditions and requirements. 

Therefore, if you’re diabetic, eating fruits with another food can come as a benefit for you. Pairing a fruit with other foods that are high in protein or fibre causes the stomach to release sugar into the small intestine slower. As a smaller amount of sugar is absorbed at a time, blood sugar levels also rises on a smaller level.

If you’re planning on losing weight, you could eat fruits with another meal to keep your stomach full but only by a small amount. Though this may help you cut back on calories, try not to skip meals and remember to fulfil your daily calorie intake as needed.

4) In the morning

Happy woman having a bowl of oats and fruits in her pyjamas

The high fructose in fruits makes it best to eat them in the morning as a boost-up after a good night’s sleep. Eating fruits close to bedtime might keep you from getting proper sleep as they contain high sugar levels. If you’re a night owl, this probably doesn’t apply to you.

As we know now, fruits are easily digested so you should always eat it when you need an energy boost, like the first thing in the morning. After eating a fruit, give your body some time to digest before eating a full meal. This will prevent you from feeling bloated or gassy. Now, your intestines are clear and ready for your next meal.

Fruits are high in nutrients so we should learn to maximize their benefits the right way, at the right time. Tap away on our HappyFresh app for some #FreshlyHandpicked fruits delivered right to your doorstep. With Father’s Day drawing closer, how about treating your dad by making him the pear-fect gift – a fruit basket!

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