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Hooray! After a whole month of fasting, it’s finally Raya. Now, we can feast on some of our long-awaited Raya favourites served in abundance, not to mention the cheerful ambience of being reunited with our friends and family as we celebrate these joyous occasions. Aside from all that, one other thing we can always look forward to during Raya is duit raya. Who doesn’t love getting some extra cash, am I right? But instead of splurging on things, we might regret later and give in to our temptations and impulses, why not spend your duit raya on things far more worthwhile and meaningful? Here are some of our suggestions you might want to take note of.

1. Spend it on your parents

Pamper our parents with duit raya.

How ironic! Giving back our duit raya to those who gave them to us in the first place. But there is some sense in such irony.

Perhaps it is time we gave back to those who have given a lot to us throughout our lives – our parents. As basic as it may sound, working adults don’t do it enough seemingly drowned in workload every single day. 

This Raya, take the time to pamper them with a good meal at a luxurious hotel or fine dining. You can also take them to a trendy and new shop that offers a different culinary experience as well – after all, it is a public holiday.  

2. Donate to a cause

Donate your duit raya.

The period of Ramadan forces fellow Muslims to reflect on the luxuries in life by putting themselves in the shoes of the less fortunate. While some ponder and salivate on the Raya cuisines waiting at the table, some fret over the basic necessities of life during Raya.

Give back where you can. Donate to a cause you feel most deeply about. Many are in need of help, especially during troubled times.

If you haven’t heard, we at HappyFresh are raising funds to help those struggling with COVID-19. We had our CEO run a half marathon to help spread the awareness and raise fund for this cause. We have also placed $US10,000 to kick things but we need YOUR help to keep the momentum going. 

COVID-19 has surely impacted all of us and it is clear that helping one another is the way towards a brighter tomorrow. Learn more about our awareness campaign below and don’t forget to donate:

3. Invest in yourself

Use your duit raya to better yourself.

The best investment anyone can make is in themselves. 

Get creative and seek out ways to upskill yourself and gain knowledge that would not only better yourself as an employee but also human beings, whether it be in your relationship, personal well-being or achieving life goals.

You can also use your duit raya on a good book or subscribe to an online educational course which will greatly benefit you as you practice social distancing. Plus, some of them are even free – so why not? 

4. Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself

What’s the point of attaining the riches of the world if you’re unable to savour the fruits of your labour? You have one life, so enjoy it while you can. 

Since it is a public holiday and you don’t to be replying emails, don’t hesitate to pamper yourself in any and every way you can. Whether it be a relaxing spa, gaming or spending some much-needed quality time with your loved ones.

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