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Drafting out your shopping list before doing your grocery shopping, is a healthy practice to avoid dreading over splurging impulsively. It also poses as a guide for our purchases instead of being tempted by seemingly lucrative deals and sales. Much has been said about shopping in general but what about shopping online? 

Although having a shopping list still helps to some extent, shopping online presents us with a range of products and items, and with it comes jaw-dropping discounts, savings and deals, designed to entice us to make an unnecessary purchase. Given our over-reliance on our smart devices and internet connections, we are helplessly prone now more than ever to spend.

With 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12. sales lingering around the corner, we’re figured it is pressing now to nip these bad habits in the bud. Here are 4 smart hacks to grocery shopping online.

1. Compare items

Plan and compare you items

Don’t leave your grocery shopping to the very last minute. That way, you will have ample time to plan out the items you need to restock. This will also give you the time to scout your supermarkets and get the best prices on your items.

To get the full value on your Ringgit, take the time to reflect on the items you are adding to you cart – whether it fulfils your needs instead of your wants.  

2. Capitalise on deals

Make use of online promotions

It’s deals galore online, so why not capitalise on them? Some may not seem too appealing as you’ll be saving peanuts, but a little does go a long way.

We at HappyFresh make it easy for you to get your goods without leaving your home. What’s more, we make grocery shopping seamless through our mobile app. Simply select your favourite local supermarket, add your groceries to your cart and check out – it’s that easy!

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3. Beware of freebies

Careful of freebies

Everyone on God’s green earth loves freebies, but do you really need a new container when you already have another 5 sitting in your kitchen cabinet? 

You need to be prioritising your groceries, not the freebies. It is not worth spending your money to get a freebie that you don’t really need. 

4. Tracking your expenses

Track your expenses

You should also have a way to track your expenses. It is a good practice to ensure you always have some spare cash at your disposal. Tracking your expenses could also help you accurately gauge your cash outflow apart from your groceries, and make minor tweaks for better financial management.

There are various applications available for free on the Play Store and the App Store to choose from, each with its unique features embedded into the app, or you can result to the plain old spreadsheets, whichever that makes you happy.

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