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Aluminium foils are generally used in the oven for baking purposes, perfect if you feel like going the distance with a delicious home cooked meal. However, if you’ve been using aluminium foils in the oven or toast your garlic bread, you’re only using a fraction of your foils potential. 

Little did you know that aluminium foils can go beyond sheer cooking and baking. So the next time you think about throwing away your aluminium foils in the oven – think again. Here are some aluminium foil life hacks you wish you had known sooner.

1. Slows banana ripening

Wrapping banana stem with aluminium foil

Bananas, like most fruits, release ethylene gas through the stem when they ripen, which then leads to browning. Wrapping aluminium foil tightly over the banana stem slows down the release of ethylene gas, in turn slowing down the ripening process.   

For best results, separate the bananas from their original comb, rubbing the crown with vinegar before wrapping it tightly with the aluminium foil.

2. Removing rust

Removing rust with aluminium foil

Rust can be a real pest at the time, rendering steel objects useless at times. Before we decide to throw them away, look to your trusty aluminium foil. 

The aluminium foil can deoxidise the metal, removing the oxygen atoms hence removing rust and leaving your metal piece good as new.

Simply tear a sheet of aluminium foil and start scrubbing away at the rusty spot. If you have a serious case of rust, simply follow the steps below:

How to remove rust?

  1. Mix soapy water with a few drops of liquid.
  2. Dip a microfiber cloth into the mixture and clean the rusted spot.
  3. Tear off a sheet of aluminium foil and dip it in clean water (unsoapy water). 
  4. Gently rub the rusted spot with the wet foil. If it dries, soak it in the water again and repeat.
  5. Remove the bits with the microfiber cloth and repeat the process.

3. Sharpen scissors

It is not every day we need to use a pair of scissors. So when we do, quite often we find it slightly dull, making it a little difficult to snip a string or a sheet of paper.  

Before you render it useless and throw it away simply take out a sheet of aluminium foil (about 300mm long), fold it until about 6 layers thick and start snipping into 10 – 12 strips. Test your scissors out and repeat the process if necessary.

4. Speed ironing

Speed up your ironing

Usually, ironing is done in bulk which explains the tiresome nature of the chore, and the push and pulls over a hot ironer doesn’t make it any easier. Now, with some aluminium foil, you can speed through your ironing chore with little to no time.  

Place the aluminium foil over your ironing board, under the clothes you’re about to iron out. The aluminium foil acts as a second ironer as it reflects heat straight onto the other side of your garment, making it crease-free. 

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