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It is self-explanatory in a marriage. You are not only marrying the love of your life, but you are also marrying into the family as well. Last week, we spoke about the characteristics of mothers-in-law who are so unbearable, it is like they stemmed from the deepest depths of hell. If you missed it, check it out in the link below:

In that article, we left you hanging with a promise to provide solutions to your problems as well – so here it is! 6 ways how NOT to hurt your mother-in-law from hell.

P.s. The following does not involve any sort of exorcism, a priest or holy water as in the movies.

1. Family outing for her and your partner

Mother-in-law with her son outing.

Why your partner and not you? In her eyes, her child is now drifting further away from her grasp. The feeling of losing your child can be daunting for a mother, creating a sense of insecurity and anxiety. This could be the reason why your mother-in-law treats you badly.

Organising an outing between her and her child could be all that she needs. Keep it simple and find out what she likes doing.  A little research goes a long way. It could be morning walks in the park or even catching a movie, anything that involves spending time with her child.  

2. Don’t take it personally

Mother-in-law's comment hurting woman.

Sometimes it’s just the way she is. Your mother-in-law may be a perfectionist or an OCD when it comes to cleanliness, and it is always tough to live up to the expectations of others. The faster you are able to come to terms with that, the faster you are able to cope with her belittling remarks. 

3. Kill her with kindness

Treating Mother-in-law with kindness

Sometimes what spurs her on to continue her wrath against you is your reaction. Stay calm and collected during situations like this and maybe one day she might give up trying to be your daily dose of pain. 

4. Daughters-in-law unite

Talking about your mother-in-law.

Maybe there is someone else in the family who can relate to your agony. After all, it is always nice to have an outlet to vent to. These casual conversations may even provide some insights into the family in general and you might even learn a thing or two about your mother-in-law and cope with her malicious comments a little better. By understanding the points of view of your mother-in-law, you might be able to control your reaction, saving yourself from the stress and coping with her criticism better.

5. Talk to her

Talk to your mother-in-law

If you hate beating around the bush, simply take the direct route – talk to her. As uncomfortable as it may sound, talking to your mother-in-law would provide both of you with the opportunity to warm up to each other. You might even get clues about her struggles and fears that you can help with. 

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