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Things have been looking up for Malaysia! The easing of the Movement Restriction Order (MCO) through the reopening of businesses, interstate travels and more, are clear indications that our nation is moving forward towards brighter days.

Of course, none of these milestones can be accomplished without honouring the frontliners whose unwavering efforts and tireless dedication have steered us towards greener pastures. 

Despite our successes, COVID-19 still lingers within our borders, invoking some doubt and anxiety when venturing beyond our doorstep. On the flip side, the MCO has taught us many lessons which can prove to be useful as we venture into the new normal. Here are 6 takeaways moving forward into the new norm. 

1. Appreciate our food

Appreciate food moving forward.

Most of us were never serious about picking up cooking as a skill. Plus, we had food delivery services like GrabFood, FoodPanda and more at our fingertips, especially after a long and tiring day at work.

The MCO surely forced our hands to pick up culinary skills and a newfound appreciation for homecooked meals. Those who learned to cook found it was easier on our budget and healthier option as well. 

It has also given us a whole new level of respect for delivery riders, who put themselves at risk, so we enjoy our meals and other goods delivered to our homes. 

2. Good hygiene

Keep hygiene moving forward.

Good hygiene was always preached but never taken seriously – until we were hit by a life-threatening virus, forcing us to wear face-mask, soap wash our hands regularly and use hand sanitisers more often than ever before. 

Today, as we progress towards normality, we are also urged to be extra vigilant with the people around us moving forwards.

3. Adapting to technology

Adapting to technology moving forward.

Most of us were already heavily reliant on technology in our daily lives, even more so when the MCO began. Never have we had to attend so many Zoom meetings, Google Hangout calls, Discord calls and more. 

Even our parents and grandparents have gotten into the act (aside from their daily good morning messages on Whatsapp). Props to them who have adapted well to the changing times. 

4. Importance of managing finances

Managing finances moving forward.

Not everyone had the luxury of working from home or earn a living, which forced us to scrimp on every Ringgit and cents we had to get us through the month. 

Such difficult times have called for us to be prudent with our expenses, making us think and rethink splurging on a purchase. We’ve also learnt a lot more patience on scrolling online for the best deals as well. 

Speaking about saving money, you can also find ways on how you can save on your groceries with HappyFresh.

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5. Using time wisely

Using time wisely moving forward.

Most of us were wise enough to pick up a skill with the ample time we had at home. Aside from cooking, some have picked up gardening, painting and other soft skills we thought would be useful once we got back to work. Some netizens have even found some success in using those newfound skills into a source of revenue. 

6. Appreciating our loved ones 

Appreciate your loved ones moving forward.

Being confined to our homes has taught us to value the time we spend with the one we love. This goes to show that no amount of calls and text messages can surmount to physical presence – something technology cannot solve. 

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