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If you happen to be born during the late 1990 or the early 2000s, you’re probably among the thousands of Millennials closing in your 30s by now – feeling old yet?

All laughs aside, we can all look back to the days when life was simple without having to pay bills, taxes and student debts, we’re talking about our childhood days. A time when our lives never revolved around internet connections and fun was always associated with the outdoor activities, some sweat and socialising with friends. 

In spite of the convenience we are blessed with these days, all thanks to technology (like shopping for your groceries at your fingertips with HappyFresh), it is safe to say that we Millennials wouldn’t have had our childhood in any other way. Here’s a flashback to the good old days (struggles) that will invoke a sense of deja vu. 

1. Looking for TV programmes in the newspaper

Millennial man reading the newspaper.

Astro service is a common thing in almost any household within the Klang Valley and those with such a subscription know the ease of looking for favourite TV programmes are just a push of a button. But times weren’t easy back then when we had to flip pages after pages in the newspaper to find out the time for our TV programmes. 

I guess for most of us Millennials, it was the only time we laid hands on a newspaper. So if newspapers were not at home, we would have had to sit patiently and wait until the right time to find out if our TV programme was showing. 

2. Adjusting TV antenna

Old televisions with antenna.

We are all too familiar with the infamous “Service currently not available” when we’re watching a show on Astro – such a buzzkill. We did experience something similar back in the days as well.  

Before the existence of flat and slim screens, were bulky ones – those that came in huge cube-like boxes and took up much space in our living rooms. Not only that, but we also had to constantly get off our seats to move the antenna into different angles and position them differently to get to appear on our televisions.

3. Top-up and SMS

Nokia phone we used to SMS.

Whether it was RM10, RM20 or even RM50, topping up was just never seemed enough, especially when you were texting your school crush quite often. We always found ourselves begging for the additional monthly top up from our parents just so we can send a couple more messages – until of course, Windows Live Messenger became a thing.

4. Solitaire, Minesweeper and Pinball

Old computer games.

Although much of the fun awaited us outdoors, we knew how to have fun indoors as well. Solitaire, Minesweeper and Pinball were the Dota 2 back in the days, and since we were not blessed with multiplayer options, each player took turns playing the respective games and competed for the highest score. 

5. Jaring

Internet connection button.

Who can forget, the granddaddy of internet connections in Malaysia, before the fast internet services such as Unifi and Streamyx even existed? Unfortunately, Wi-Fi was never a thing during those days hence we had to run a wire to our desktop and manually connect it on our computer to access the World Wide Web.

6. Old car windshield

Lever to wind down windows in cars.

Anyone who sat in the iconic Proton Saga would know the amount of energy and strength needed to wind down the windows. It equates to a good arm workout when you had wind it down and backs up. How thankful are we now that you car windows roll down with just a push of a button. 

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Mother holding her daughter's hand while walking