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The term “new norms” has been used so often lately that it has lost its new factor. Today, it is the norm to interact differently with the world around us, which may seem odd, until you see the silver lining. The recent happening worldwide has been nothing short of unfortunate, but focusing on the negatives will not make things better. Hence, it is important now more than ever to spread positive vibes. Although these new SOPs may be an inconvenience at times but on the flip side, it happens to help us break those typical Malaysian bad habits some that even we cannot stand. 

1. Lining up

Queuing up to get groceries.

Anyone who commutes on public transportation can relate to this. There is always a queue around whenever we get to the platform but as soon as the train or bus arrives and the doors open, the queue miraculously disappears and you will notice that there are more people ahead of you. 

With the lines drawn almost everywhere we go, folks are more mindful of the distance kept with other strangers all in the name of social distancing. Malaysians have even started queueing at places that never needed queuing before. In some ways, it is helping us develop patience and public etiquettes that we always assumed to be common. 

2. Taking the stairs

Social distancing inside the lift.

Nobody wants to make life harder than it already is. That is why we often use the lift instead of the stairs.

Now, with the current SOPs, there is even lesser room in the lifts since there are only a few designated places to stand inside an already confined space. Knowing our impatience, we would probably opt for the stairs or the escalator – a good thing since we spend most of our days sitting down at either our desk or couch.

3. Saving money

Not saving one of the few Malaysian bad habits.

It’s become a habit to splurge to quell our burning temptations, whether it be on bubble tea or that Haagen Dazs ice cream that was too good to resist.

But if you have witnessed your loved ones experience unemployment or pay cuts recently, you would probably realise that the money would best serve you on a rainy day.

So instead of splurging on the next best ice cream flavour out there, why not make you own. Get started with the recipe below from your own home:

4. Wary of cleanliness

Staying clean and hygienic.

We’ve always known cleanliness and hygiene to be important, but we never thought it would be amongst a crucial factor in ensuring we stay clear from COVID-19 and essentially staying alive. 

Since the MCO, face mask and hand sanitisers have become a necessity as seen in long queues outside pharmacies and spikes in online demand to get their hand on a box or bottle or two. 

As much as we dread the extras, it is admittedly a step in the right direction given that we have always taken cleanliness lightly, especially when we or others around us have contracted the flu or cold.  

5. Importance of staying healthy

Exercising and eating right to stay healthy.

Similar to cleanliness, we have always been told to eat healthily but never took it seriously, until the pandemic stuck. Now, it is more prevalent to ensure we eat right, take our supplement and put in a good session to sweat out those toxins from our body. 

If you’ve never been in the habit of eating healthy it would be hard to get the ball rolling. For an easy start, it is best to start with meals or drink that would get you excited. Read more and get cracking on these recipes to give your lifestyle the healthy U-turn you’ve always needed.

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