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Finally, the new year has arrived and usually new year resolutions. Sadly, nothing much has changed. The pandemic still roams, conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine still linger and more. Instead of having external factors determine our 2021, let us remind ourselves that change must start from within. Let us be the beacon for change in 2021 and unlike the pandemic, spread positivity to those around us, but before we can be that beacon of positivity, we must rid ourselves of the negativity. Here are some bad habits we must pledge to rid ourselves as new years resolutions by the end of 2021. 

1. Procrastinating

Stop procrastinating this new year

If college days taught us one thing is that burning the midnight oil was never fun.

Rushing an assignment or last-minute revision for tomorrows exam while stricken by anxiety and worry of flunking it, only adds to the pressure of keeping our grades up when it could have been easily avoided.

Let’s turn a new leaf by beginning our task early this year and break the bad habit of bumming around – just to avoid the minor heart attacks.

2. Eating right

Eating healthy this new year.

Now that Christmas is over and we’ve all had our fill, we can finally get started with the resolution that has always been said but never accomplished – eating right. 

Food can be tempting especially when they promise irresistible taste that would have us craving for seconds and thirds. 

It is not a sin to pamper ourselves every once in a while, but the primary goals with this resolution is to take care of ourselves. Having a balanced diet is essential in achieving these goals and that means planning out a diet plan that incorporates various beneficial vitamins and nutrients that contributes to better health.

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3. Being late

new year resolution not to be late

Being late, or as we Malaysians call it – Malaysian timing. Although our community have grown to expect such behaviour from our peers, punctuality is still viewed as a prized quality as well, especially within a professional context.

Being punctual shows that we respect others and their time. It can also help us in a multitude of ways. Trying to be punctual this year would help us to be more organised, plan and be more time-sensitive in our daily lives, qualities that prove to be fruitful in many aspects of our lives outside of our offices.

4. Overspending

manage your expenses this new year

Giving in to lucrative flash sales and must-have deals have been our bad habit for as long as any one of us can remember, resulting in mere cents in our bank accounts by the end of the month. 

It is time to be more mindful and mature with our monthly expenses, prioritising our needs instead of want and instant gratification. Saving for the future is something that can contribute to longevity and a better life in the future, but the planning must begin now.


There you have it, you possible 4 bad habits to stop as your new year’s resolution for 2021. It might be difficult to expect change immediately, but small steps with a hint of consistency will go a long way. Inspire others through your determination and effort through these new years resolutions and others may follow in your footsteps! Go forth and spread the positivity today!

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