Malaysian jeered when interstate travels were finally allowed. That would mean you can balik kampung during this Raya Haji. However, we have to admit we got a little too excited.

If you have been diligently keeping up with the news, you would notice the number of new cases still trickle in, observing occasional but alarming spikes. As such, our leaders have warned us of a potential round of another MCO should the numbers continue to escalate.

In spite of worrying news, interstate travels are still allowed with constant reminders that the pandemic still lingers. Here are some pointers to stay safe if you are travelling during this Raya Haji.

1. Pack the essentials

Packing for Raya Haji

Sounds like an absurd point to touch on. We’ve all travelled back to our hometowns before, but not during unprecedented times like these. Aside from your clothes, make-up set and more, be sure to allocate some space in your bag for a good number of face mask and hand sanitisers as well.  

Plan your trip and have a clear idea of the itinerary waiting for you back home. That would give you an idea of how many face mask and hand sanitisers you may need to bring along to avoid overpacking your luggage. 

2. Adhere to the SOPs

Remember the SOPs this Raya Haji.

Keeping our hygiene in peak conditions at all times is crucial. Although hand sanitiser is a godsend, nothing beat giving our hands a good scrub with soap and water.

The term social distancing has also been used numerous times for a reason. Keeping a distance of approximately 1 meter between you and others is important in preventing the spread of the virus. This also means we should refrain from shaking hands and hugging when you meet our loved ones, as hard as it may be. 

On the bright side, you can spend some quality time with them at home and avoid crowded places such as shopping malls and restaurant. 

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3. Be well informed

Keep up to date with the COVID-19 this Raya Haji.

Since Raya Haji comes with its ritual proceeding, the government has released some SOPs to ensure you stay safe and COVID-19 free:

  • Up to 20 people would be allowed in a house at a time. Those who are home quarantined are not allowed to travel or leave their homes. 
  • Maximum of 10 animals per mosque, subject to the size of the area.
  • The number of people allowed during korban is 20 per animal.

Be wary of the red areas within the state you would be travelling to and avoid them as well as outdoor activities that may put you and your loved ones at risk. We would also advise staying updated with the news for new red zones and the latest proceedings about COVID-19 as they may prove useful during your travels. For starter, here is a refresher about COVID-19: 

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The last thing we need is relapse or a second wave that would set us all back and discount the efforts and progress. Do it for your loved ones and a better Malaysia.  

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