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You may opt for a relaxing getaway back to nature at Banjaran Hotspring in Ipoh or even Sekeping Serendah but there will never be a place that exhibits solace quite home. This is why many obsess themselves with home makeovers. This may range from new furniture, warm lights, wall arts, air purifiers and more. Plants are among those that instils personality within a household and brings a sense of calm and relaxation, even if placed in the corner of a room – but what plant do we get exactly? Today will dive deep into giving your home a natural feel with the various types of plants that will fit nicely in your home. Here are 4 types of indoor plants that will make your home so comfortable, you’ll be needing your friends to drag you out.

1. Snake Plant

Snake plant placed indoors.

Among the common ones is the snake plant. It is known for its thin, snake-like patterned leaves which grow upwards, unlike other plants whose leaves droop over the pot as they grow taller. 

The snake plant is also perfect for beginners with limited knowledge about plant care. It requires little water to survive and is versatile enough to be placed at various parts of your home with little to no sun.

It is also known to remove toxic air pollutants including cancer-causing pollutants, acting as an effective defence against airborne allergies.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant for work place indoor

Aloe vera is widely known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, used commonly to cure wounds, calm itching and address a variety of skin conditions.

Like the snake plant, the aloe vera require very little attention, a great plant to have for forgetful waterers. It is best placed in a terra cotta pot with well-drained dirt, preferably a mix of equal parts sand and potting soil.

The aloe vera plant serves as a perfect companion as you do your task, complimenting your stationeries and laptop. It also adds personality to your work desk amidst a brightly lit work desk, whilst helping churn out creative juices if you find yourself short of some inspiration to get you through the day. 

3. Philodendron green

Philodendron green plant

Philodendron’s long trailing vines and glossy heart-shaped leaves, make it a perfect plant to place on high shelves or hanging pots, a great addition for a tropical look indoors. 

Though the Philodendron does not bring additional benefits to your home, it does compensate with its low maintenance requirements, making it perfect for newbies. It is easy to prune should the vines get too wild to your liking as well.

4. Dracaena

Dracaena plant indoors

Dracaena is one of the more popular ornamental plants around growing up to three feet indoors. It’s bushy tree type look and glossy leaves make it look like a mini tree within your home. It is a perfect plant if your lifestyle forces you to constantly be on-the-go yet still wanting a plant at home.

It is best placed in the corner of the room just by a large window where it is not exposed to direct sunlight.  Misting the leaves and soil (not soggy) with good drainage is enough to keep this plant going. Don’t panic if you notice leaves falling as the Dracaena tend to shed its leaves to make way for new ones.

Like many types of indoor plants on this list, the Dracaena helps purify the air keeping pesky air pollutant at bay as well.

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