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Netflix movies have commonly been our go-to release from the day’s struggles. We get home, freshen up and snuggle up to our blankets with our favourite snacks and turn on our Netflix before we hit the sack. But if you’re not one to read about the latest movies on Netflix, how do you choose your ideal movie for the night? Worry not, if you’re a sucker for the nostalgic feels of our old local movies, you would be delighted to know that Netflix Malaysia has finally released 3 iconic Yasmin Ahmad movies. For those who don’t know, Yasmin Ahmad was a late famous Malaysian film director and writer, whose works have often dabbled in controversy due to her portrayal of various movie events that challenge the social norms of the conservative Malaysian society – but this is also why Yasmin Ahmad movies are often captivating from start to credits.

So get your packets of Pringles, a bottle of Coke ready and maybe even a tissue box, and brace yourself for a Yasmin Ahmad movie marathon tonight.

1. Talentime

Yasmin Ahmad movie Talentime

Photo Credit: Yahoo

Talentime revolves around a talent search competition that brings two hearts on a collision course. Melur, a Eurasian-Muslim student, enters her school’s talent search competition and becomes the finalist through her melodious voice and talents on the piano. Mahesh, a mute Indian student, is selected amongst the students assigned to escort the finalist to school for their practices, delivers the notice to Melur’s house and soon, they fall in love. 

Tragedy strikes early in the relationship when Mahesh’s family experiences a tragic loss, plummeting his family and their relationship in turmoil. The roller coaster of emotions continues throughout, but we’ll leave this spoiler-free. 

2. Rabun

Yasmin Ahmad movie Rabun

Photo Credit: Facebook 

Yasmin Ahmad’s Rabun is a heartwarming tale of a lovely old couple who decides to leave the hustle and bustle of city life to live in the village, but to their surprise, the serene laid back lifestyle did not greet them too kindly. 

Rabun is a true story inspired by Yasmin Ahmad’s late father, who lost his sight from diabetes.

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3. MukhsinYasmin Ahmad movie Mukhsin

Photo Credit: Slant Magazine

Before Sepet and Gubra, there was Mukhsin, the first of the trilogy. 

The movie takes place in a humble village in Sekinchan, where the young Orked and Mukhsin meet. The movie revolves around the struggles of both families and individual battles with their inner demons. This movie will help you reminiscence the time when your heart first felt the flutters when you first fell in love.

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