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When we think of shopping for groceries, one of the top supermarkets that come to mind is AEON, a reliable go-to supermarket that has been in operations for as long as many of us can remember. Due to its longevity in the industry, AEON has been able to instil a sense of reliability and security through the quality of products sold. So, companies branching from the name AEON would bring about a similar trustworthy experience. 

Introducing AEON Wellness, a subsidiary company of the AEON Group, an integrated Japanese retailer which is well established across the Southeast Asian region. It has a strong presence in China and Hong Kong and has multiple sister companies in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. 

Unlike AEON which sells groceries ranging from fresh produces to products like cereals and liquor, AEON Wellness focuses on health and wellbeing products, diversifying their business by addressing the different needs required by their target market. 

AEON Wellness jumped into the retail scene by opening their first outlet in Mid Valley Megamall in 2006, a strategic location considering the accessibility through various highways and public transportation. Since then, the company has gone on to open 68 outlets across Malaysia and has become a one-stop pharmacy store selling a vast range of health and wellbeing products.

Customers First

Aeon Wellness aisle with cashier at the back.

They abides by their “Customer First” principle, an ingrained philosophy across all companies under AEON Group. It stands as a symbol of their commitment to meeting their customers’ expectations. 

With the constantly growing emphasis on a “keep fit and stay healthy” lifestyle, society has taken extra measures through meticulous diet plans, regular exercise and more to ensure fatal illnesses are kept at bay.

So, aside from the many pharmaceutical products that address health, AEON Wellness provides professional health and beauty consultation with their team of beauty experts and pharmacists (available at selected stores) aimed to address their customers’ concerns and qualms about health and beauty. This ranges from blood pressure checks, cholesterol checks, skin analysis test and even makeup advice, pressing issues deemed important to the general public. 

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