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We’ve finally reached August 2020 – and like every August, brace yourself for nostalgic and evergreen patriotic songs on the radios and malls that never fail to get you singing along. Come this Independence Day, our beloved Malaysia will be blessed with 63 years of vast diversity, thanks to the rich multiculturalistic society which has given rise to an array of delicacies, culture, celebrations and more. We at HappyFresh choose to embrace diversity with various August deals on your groceries. 

1. Village Grocer

Village Grocer August Promo

Save your face mask and hand sanitisers for a rainier day. Get RM12 OFF a min.spend of RM170 on your Village Grocer goods on our HappyFresh app. It is limited to a first come first serve basis only, so get ‘em before they run out!   

2. Marigold Peel Fresh

Peel Fresh August Promo

The Marigold brand has always been synonymous with nutritious goods, meant to keep us healthy with tantalising taste. This August, get a FREE cooler bag delivered to you with a purchase for at least 3 PeelFresh products.

3. K Market

KMart August Promo

The Koreans are known for many things – K pop, makeup, skincare but seaweed? Only one way to find out, and you’re in luck. Now, you can enjoy 15% OFF Korean seaweed all varying from an array of flavours from K Market. Now you can sit home, binge watch on your Korean dramas and munch on some Korean seaweed this weekend – how fitting! 

4. QSR – Ayamas, Life & Kewpie

Ayamas Merdeka August Promo

A combination of Ayamas, Life and Kewpie promises a crispy and delicious meal with yummy dippings to enhance that flavour in the most Malaysian way possible. This August, don’t miss out on 15% OFF and yummy home-cooked meals. You can also purchase selected 3 Ayamas Kitchen Ready-To-Eat rice meals and get a FREE butter case with a towel today! 

5. Ayam Dindings

Ayam Dindings August Promo

Cannot live without a delicious chicken? Spend a minimum of RM15 on Ayam Dinding products and join this Ayam Dindings #Ayam Winning This Buy & Win contest today and stand a chance to win vouchers worth RM10,000. You get your chicken and exciting vouchers as well – it’s a win-win situation!

6. Arla 

Arla August Promo

Who said natural goods are more expensive? Bless yourself with natural goodness all day, every day with discounts up to 25% OFF on your favourite and nutritious butter, cheese and more. 

7. Tesco

Tesco August Promo

Save on your groceries this August with up to RM15 OFF your shopping at Tesco with a min.spend of RM160. It is limited to the first 300 redemptions only. So, if you snooze, you lose! Shop now.

8. Carlsberg

Carlsberg August Promo

If you’re a Liverpool fan, well 2020 has definitely been one for the history book. Not because of COIVD-19, but we are finally champions of England after 30 years! Celebrate this memorable occasion with Carlsberg this August with either up to 15% or FREE delivery or maybe even both. If you’re lucky you may even win a Liverpool jersey as well. All the more reason to shop now! 

9. Unilever

Unilever Merdeka August Promo

Get your soothing Lipton tea, delicious Lady’s Choice spreads and more stocked up and ready for use whenever you need it at your favourite supermarkets near you. You can also get a FREE cooler bag with a total purchase of RM25 as well.


10. Zespri

Zespri August Promo

Zespri bolsters one of the best kiwi fruits in the business. Lock and load your body with vitamin c with 25%OFF Zespri kiwis and boost your immunity now!

11. Spritzer

Spritzer August Promo

Stay hydrated with Spritzer this August with discounts up to 25% OFF. Wait, that‘s not all. Enjoy a buy 1 free 1 promo on BonRica as well – two bottles for the price of one! 

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