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In light of the partial shutdown in Malaysia, moving about has been awfully difficult, rendering some minor inconvenience as we combat the spread of the malicious COVID-19 virus. Running out of essential goods at home and worrying about having to restock in such short notice can leave us in a daunting and worrying situation. Let us at HappyFresh help! 

We are all about delivering your needs to your doorstep, be it #FreshlyHandpicked groceries, medical goods, toiletries and more – and it is all at your fingertips. Simply:

  1. Download the HappyFresh app
  2. Select your favourite supermarket
  3. Personalise your order
  4. Pay through convenient payment methods

We also like to bring to light that there are many others who are stocking up on their goods as we speak through our platform during this critical time, hence you may experience the following:

  • Delivery delays

In spite of moving up several gears in our services, our riders can only deliver groceries at one house at a time. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with their delivered groceries by providing some time to examine their groceries before settling any additional payments and proceeding to fulfil the next order. 

  • Out-of-stock items

Aside from the high demand for groceries, we are facing high footfall in our partnering stores, hence many of your favourite items may be out-of-stock.

  • Full delivery slots

Due to the high demand for groceries on our platform and at various physical stores, the availability of delivery slots has been stretched thin. 


All protocols and deployments efforts that we’ve done in the past were never without the best interest of our customers in mind, and this time will be no different. We are mindful about the pressing problems we’ve been facing over the past few days and have taken extensive measures to address them. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

  • Opening more daily delivery slots

Help by opening more delivery slots so we can help.

The convenience of having your groceries delivered at you has always been the core of our service, hence why we are working to open many delivery slots, so you would have a wide choice of selecting the most suitable time to receive your groceries.

We would advise on staying tuned to our social media platforms and our app for updates on the opening of more delivery slots.

  • Chat & calls with your Personal Shopper

Contact you Personal Shopper so we can help.

We realise communication is key. Our app provides chat and calls features that help ease interactions with your Personal Shopper – whether it be alternative items or last-minute changes to your order.

Our app also provides the function for you to allow our trained Personal Shoppers to pick out your item for you. Don’t worry, the items selected will be of the same quality and close to the same price.

  • Riders are equipped with mask and sanitisers

It is paramount that our riders remain healthy and safe from the virus as they shuttle between stores and houses to deliver your groceries. This is why we have to provide face mask and hand sanitisers to help them stay COVID-19 free. 

  • Contactless deliveries and online payments

We have recently briefed our riders on contactless deliveries, which will not only benefit them but you our customers as well. This means our rider will always maintain a safe distance whenever they deliver your groceries to your doorstep.

  1. Our rider will contact you when they have arrived with your groceries.
  2. Our rider will consult you on the most suitable place to put your groceries.
  3. Our rider will stand 1 metre away as you examine your groceries.
  4. Additional payment will be made via bank transfers (Icart Malaysia Sdn Bhd | Acc number: 514486518410) or QR pay via Maybank or Boost.

Seamless, easy and safe! 

  • Contact us

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Talk to our customer service representatives for help at –

  • Tel: +60 392120192
  • Email: mysupport@happyfresh.com
  • Operating hours: Mon – Sun | 10am – 10pm (Normal landline charges apply)

We understand the fear and anxiety that has stricken us of late. We only ask for your understanding and kind patience during these troubled times as we strive to provide the best grocery delivery solution for you. As we work hard in meeting your demands, we urge that you #StayAtHome and #StaySafe. Together, we shall fight the virus #kitajagakita.

Oh! We’ve also released a statement on social media. Check it out below:

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Woman wearing a mask during COVID-19