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HappyFresh has been successful in creating an online grocery shopping platform. However, what truly makes us a convenient avenue for grocery shopping is our fleet. You will find them at your favourite supermarkets and grocery stores getting #freshlyhandpicked groceries and delivering them to your doorstep.

For starters, HappyFresh’s fleet, consisting of both shoppers and riders, operate at high volume locations scattered across the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru (soon to be Melaka).

HappyFresh shopper picking out groceries

HappyFresh personal shoppers are trained to pick out groceries from your stores. Most of our shoppers are stationed at selected locations to be able to meet the high demand for goods coming from those stores.  

HappyFresh rider with bags of groceries

When the shopping is done, our shoppers hand over your groceries to our riders, who then deliver your groceries to your doorstep.

How are HappyFresh personal shoppers and riders trained? 

We make it as easy as possible to nail a job with walk-in interviews at our office here in Malaysia. We start with a 2-3 hour presentation, where we go over the various SOPs and videos to help them understand their roles and expectations during their daily operations.

Upon completion, we assign them to some of our top-performing shoppers for private on-ground training at the various stores. This is so that our recruits put theoretical lessons (learnt from the slides) into practice. These include the many SOPs and best practices we have developed over the years of operations – picking out fresh produce, etiquettes with our customers and more.

When our recruits become graduates, we carefully monitor their performance over time, ensuring they are well versed with their lessons and can work independently. Should they require assistance, we will send dispatchers or nearby experienced shopper to their location for a quick refresher. 

We also have reviews on their performance, frequented based on their competence in their roles (quality of the groceries picked, number of complaints from customers etc). Our customised grading system helps us track the performances of all fleet staff, and address them accordingly.

Should they require assistance, we will revert to explaining the standards we uphold at HappyFresh again. We believe this provides a platform for dialogue should they be facing any qualms and obstacles when carrying out duties daily.

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Why should you join the family?

We understand travelling up and down could mean that loads of your hard-earned cash are spent on fuel, hence, the wages we provide are enough to cover your transportation cost and more. On top of that, we provide personal insurance and motor insurance for that peace of mind when carrying out your duties. 

Rewards are provided to our high performers for their hard work by making their jobs easier and more convenient. Through our specialised point system, you can cash in those points for additional benefits and rewards like maintenance for their motorbikes, getting raincoats and more.


Aside from learning how to pick out the best groceries and communicating with customers, we try to make work as rewarding for our employees as it is for the growth of HappyFresh and the happiness of our customers. 

We at HappyFresh view jobs more than a means to make ends meet, but also a learning experience, by instilling values and building skill sets, that stretches beyond the walls of a grocery store. Interested? Visit our website to find out how you can join our Happy family!