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We Malaysians love our local delicacies that range from street food to our traditional cuisines served to perfect simplicity on a platter. Nevertheless, our delicacies and our society that teems with rich diversity, has always gone hand in hand in almost every conversation.

On a darker note, the very thing that sets us alight among the various Southeast Asian countries have also become amongst the leading causes of death in the country, unhealthy eating habit. A change had to be made, and what better place to start than at the grassroots, who will one day be the driving force behind the nation’s growth.

ApplyBoy and Co-founders of Dreamr

We at HappyFresh have always prided ourselves with delivering #FreshlyHandpicked groceries to households across the various cities, but since the pandemic, it has become more adamant that we keep our health at pristine conditions at all times.

Healthy living is a topic that can be discussed days on days at length but ultimately, it has to start from within, not necessarily from a mental point but through our lifestyle, which includes the food we consume. 

There is a reason why breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day. Not only does it arm our bodies with the necessaries to make it through the day but also contribute to better health in the long run. 

Plaque presentation to school.

So, together with our friends at Dreamr, we decided to pay the students at SK Sri Cheras a visit. We wanted to tell them about the importance of having a nutritious breakfast daily and while there, served them with some too, while still adhering to the SOPs set in place.

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