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There is much that goes on behind the scenes in our company that helps us solidify our spot at the forefront as the first and the fastest online grocery platform in Southeast Asia. 

Over the many years of picking out and delivering #FreshlyHandpicked groceries to your doorstep, the more we understand the importance of building a closer relationship and trust with our customers. As our industry continues to grow at exponential rate and competition grows stiff, we too adapt with the times, especially in providing the best service possible.  

You, our customers are the integral cog that keeps our operations running and your happiness puts the happy in HappyFresh. 

Hence why it is paramount that we take the time and the effort to meticulously plan and churn out not only quality, digestible and engaging content on our various social media pages, blogs, app and various other platforms at our disposal exclusively for your pleasure. 

But that is enough about us, we want to hear from YOU

Help us, help you! 

We’ve got a survey planned out and we need your help to fill it up. The objective is to further understand your experience on our various platforms as well as other platforms.

We understand that your time is precious, and you’re probably preoccupied and would rather be doing something else than yet another survey. So, we promise to keep it short and sweet – 5-minute, not more. As a token of our appreciation for taking the time to lend a hand, you will stand a chance to win an RM10 OFF promo code. 

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