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Malaysians have an open and inclusive way of celebrating our many festivities all year round – perks of living in a multiethnic country. Secret Santa is among those modern inclusive ways of celebrating Christmas. However, finding the perfect present is not always as easy. There are many things to consider before making a purchase – this is where we come in. Here are a few gift ideas that may ease your headache when getting your Secret Santa presents this year with HappyFresh and they are all under RM50. You can also lookup some of the best sellers at our speciality stores and pick other items for a merrier Christmas.  

1. AMAZIN’ GRAZE Nuts Variety Box (40g x 4)

AMAZIN' GRAZE Nuts Variety Box (40g x 4)


Amazin’ Graze has always been firm believers that a happy life begins with the food we eat, hence why their granolas, peanut butter spread and more are both tasty and healthy. 

Buy, wrap and present a box filled with Coconut Curry Lime, Tom Yum Kaffir Lime, Pandan Coconut and Zesty Maple Glazed – promising a burst of flavours with every crunch, leaving your receiver licking their fingertip for every ounce of taste.

Amazin’ Graze Best Sellers!

2. Marks & Spencer Dutch Shortcake (Banded Pack) (2X 150g) 

Marks & Spencer Dutch Shortcake (Banded Pack) (2X 150g)
Marks & Spencer are renowned for their quality snacks ranging for biscuits, candy and more. They may be premium in price, but they are also premium in taste – worth every cent spent! 

Are you looking for the perfect snack for a fellow vegetarian? Look no further than Marks & Spencers own Dutch Shortcake banded pack! The biscuits are filled with buttery goodness half dipped in smooth and rich Belgian milk chocolate perfect with a hot cup of tea on a cold and rainy day. Not suitable for those with nut and sesame allergy.

Marks & Spencer Best Sellers!

3. L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Hair Oil

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Hair Oil

Watsons is one of HappyFresh’s greater additions to our array of the already popular supermarket and speciality stores. Learn more about them here.

Watsons is home to many popular brands inclined to enhance beauty and health. Among the popular brands include L’Oreal, pioneers when it comes to hair care.

The L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil combines 6 different flower extract that aims to nourish and enrich your hair, giving it that desirable silky smooth texture portrayed in every hair commercial. It is the perfect gift for those who go the extra mile for that desirable and flamboyant hair.  

Watsons Best Sellers!


4. Himalaya Olive Extra Nourishing Cream

Himalaya Olive Extra Nourishing Cream present idea

Himalaya has become synonymous with quality, known for its natural products produced from various herbs and plants through scientific research. 

Their nourishing cream consisting of olive butter, almond oil, plant ceramides and more, concoct a recipe for a moisturised and well-nourished skin for all skin types. It also helps the skin absorb moisture and more importantly, retain moisture for long durations which help ease dry skin conditions and irritation. 

 Himalaya Best Sellers!
These are just a few Secret Santa gift ideas you can get you hands-on, suitable for any occasion all year round. Visit HappyFresh on our various platform and explore the many supermarkets and speciality stores at your fingertips.

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