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Smartphone applications like Grab, have become the epitome of an “all day, every day” app, shaping the course of how humans go about their lives. You also have the likes of Lazada, Shopee and Zalora, which has not only made shopping a lot easier but have also broadened shopping beyond physical borders. Then you have apps that zoom into a pressing problem within society, addressing a specifics niche and providing a solution, like HappyFresh.

HappyFresh Who?

HappyFresh! We are all about making your grocery shopping easier through our app and website. Our platforms bolster an array of supermarkets and speciality stores (subject to location) for you to do your grocery shopping at your fingertips. 

We are relatively new in the market and understand that scepticism still lingers around our brand and the services we provide. That is why we’ve constantly strived to make ourselves known whilst addressing and improving based on your feedback and comments, but amidst all the qualms, the real question will always remain:

“Is HappyFresh worth the convenience?”

Physical shopping vs online shopping

Today, we are here to squash that qualms and put a full stop to that question mark.

To begin, let us paint a general grocery shopping scenario before we jump into the rough numbers. Your average trip to the supermarket will probably look like this:

Normal grocery run

Not everyone finds solace in grocery shopping. Nevertheless, it is a chore that we must do. What if we told you that the visual provided was an example of a dream grocery shopping journey, which does not exist! 

Traffic jams can stretch for hours and swamped with irresponsible road users. Parking is always an issue. Trolleys are either dirty, spoilt, bulky, only gets heavier with more groceries or a combination of the few mentioned. Queues to pay will always take ages, and heavy bags are just a nuisance to load and unload.

This is where we make your life easier! 

Our services minus the unpleasantries of grocery shopping – from the time you leave home until you unload them in your kitchen. Once you’ve selected your stores and added your groceries to your cart, our trained shoppers will get your groceries before passing them to our riders to be delivered to your doorstep. With HappyFresh, your grocery shopping will look like this:

How to shop with HappyFresh

– and it is all within the comfort of your home sweet home!


Numbers never lie! We turn a dream grocery shopping into a reality by helping you save on your groceries and more. Now, you get to do the things that matter to you – whether it would be spending time with your loved ones or indulging in your hobbies. 

So try us! Don’t miss out on a smarter way of doing your grocery shopping! Download the HappyFresh app on your mobile device and start shopping today! 

Online Grocery Love Sticker by HappyFresh

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