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Everything is fascinating to a toddler as they begin to explore the world on their own. Aside from loving snacks (don’t we all), they are always busy trying out new things and figuring out how things work.

Here are some simple creative ideas for the stay-at-home mums out there to keep your toddlers amused. They are created for children ages 18 months through 3 years old, but preschoolers will enjoy them too.

  • Number Path

number path for toddler activity at home

Get coloured A4 papers and write a number on each piece of paper. Stick it on the floor in ascending / descending order for your toddlers to learn how to count.

  •  Bottle Bowling

bowling toddler activity at home

Grab one of your children’s balls. Use your creativity and set up a few items for pins; bottles, paper towel tubes or toilet paper works as well!

  •  Paper Ball Fight

Find some old newspapers from the recycling bin and have “a ball” throwing at your children! Add a target to the mix and practice counting too.

  •  Zig-Zag Path

Tape a line on the floor in different ways (zig-zag, curvy, or straight). Have your toddlers walk along the lines and see how well they balance themselves. To make it harder, ask them to walk backward instead. It is another fantastic gross motor activity that can be done indoors.

  •  Sink or Float

sink or float toddler activity at home

Fill a container with water and add in a range of toys, and things that sink (like stainless steel measuring spoon). It is a great introduction to teach science to your toddler.

  •  Colour Sorting Bags

For this activity, line up paper bags and label each one with different coloured papers. Teach your toddlers how to sort items by colour while learning what each colour is.

Your toddlers and you are going to have a blast playing these home-made DIY games, that you might lose track of time. We understand having to juggle chores and entertain toddlers can be tricky. Rest assured, you can have one thing less to worry if you order groceries with us. Continue making precious memories as we settle your groceries for you.