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It’s the New Year and that means the new school year has just begun. We hope you’re savoured the final days of 2019, where highways were clear and malls were empty. Now, you’ll see the return of infamously congested traffic jams and crowded public transportations on a daily basis. If you happen to have a child taking their first step into school this year, you’d probably had to shuffle a few things from your annual schedule this time around, arranging your child’s logistics before and after their school bell rings and more – and then there is the food! Quite often canteen serves irresistible food, but are they healthy food?

Some canteens do serve healthy food, but would it be strenuous on your wallet, time and energy to pack some food? Clearly, the decision to pack healthy food for your child to school isn’t as simple and straightforward that we thought. There are various factors to consider before coming to a conclusion.

Here are a couple of factors you should think about before deciding on whether you should or should not pack healthy food for your child to school.

1. Nutrition

Boy eating healthy food

Some canteens offer a variety of healthy food that equates to a more nutritious meal than you can pack from home. Some school canteens have fruits kept fresh in a chiller and freshly squeezed juices as well, a better option considering certain fruits become stale when kept away from a chilled surrounding when packed. 

You’d probably want to take the time off work for their first day to explore the school. Not only to ensure that your child copes well on their first day, but also to explore the canteen. Pay close attention to how the food is cooked and served, the hygiene and cleanliness.

2. Allergies

Girl getting allergy

Is your child lactose intolerant? Or allergic to seafood? Or even has a sensitive stomach? These are some things to consider. Allergic reactions can be a major setback at the start of the year when you intend to go back to work after the long holiday and the start of a new school year.

3. Convenience

Packing breakfast

Mornings are quite hectic with everyone rushing off to work, so if your partner and you are used to picking up breakfast on the go then it may be a little inconvenient to stock up the necessary groceries for your child’s school lunch when you can make a quick stop at a nearby store on the way to pick our their school lunch. 

4. Cost

Mother packing healthy food for daughter

Financially, is it a sound decision? It may be a little inconvenient to pack some healthy food for your child’s schools lunch every day but if it helps you pay the bills and contribute to your saving and your child’s tertiary education – why not?  

Food for thought much? All puns aside, the food we consume should not be taken lightly, hence why much thought has to be put into something as measly as a packed school lunch. There is always the pros and cons that every family has to consider with a child taking their first steps into schooling life.

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