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As parents, we are constantly thinking about our kid’s future and would do anything to provide the best for them. Education plays a major role in a kid’s future. Not only does it set the foundation for culture but spills over into critical thinking skills and mature decision to name a few. With school sidelined for extensive periods now, schools across the country have turned to online learning for school kids as a means to continue their school syllabus. But for a generation grown accustomed to gizmos and gadgets, converting that expertise for online learning can be an uncomfortable process. Here are practical tips that you as parents could use to help ease the process and how to help your child grow fond of online learning.

1. Draw up a schedule

Help your kids prepare a schedule for online learning

Your kids are probably used to having loads of free time by now after their online classes. This is why having a schedule will help set a routine.

Sit down with them and meticulously plan out their daily routines. Be sure to allocate some time for leisure and exercise into the mix for a balanced lifestyle. 

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Planning a schedule will help inculcate discipline, time management and get them accustomed to a healthy sleep cycle while stuck at home. 

2. Plan the day before

Help your kids prepare for online learning

Similar to packing their bags when going to school, you can help your child get ready for their online classes next. This goes beyond prepping their pencils, notepads and other stationeries. 

You can ensure their devices are fully charged as well as ensuring their Google and other accounts on necessary platforms are fully verified and functional for a conducive online learning session.

3. Cultivate good online learning etiquettes

Cultivate good online learning etiquette

Although your kids are super-internet savvy, it pays to ensure they are well equipped with the basic online etiquettes. Turning their mic on when speaking and mute when silent is among the many that they would need to know. 

It would also help to get in touch with their teachers on ways you can better assist your kids in getting them prepared for their online learning classes. They may require and prefer certain specific tools and online behaviour during their online classes that you might not know about. 


Remember, helping your child with online learning requires time and patience. So the more time you invest in ensuring your kids acclimatise to online learning, the better. 

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