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You’d probably be reading this article cosied under the hotel covers with your kids probably running about, watching television or jumping on the bed as we speak. Relaxing, isn’t it? Nothing beat spending time with the family after a whole year of slogging at work even on the occasional weekends. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Work probably resumes within a week or two from now, long frustrating mornings in traffic jams and of course, your children go back to school.

If your child has already clocked in a few years in our education systems, you’d probably know the drill, but if your child is still in the early primary standards or in kindergarten then you might want to read more. This is the ultimate back to school guide for young parents.

1. Start Early

trying on school uniform

It’s very important to start your back to school preparations early. Get all the stationaries, clothes and other necessities set for the new school calendar year.

If you procrastinate your back to school shopping, you will be left with a little to no choice at stores, hence, it would be wise to capitalise on the multiple back to school promotions going on as we speak.

You might also want to head to the book shop at your child’s school to purchase the much-needed exercise and activity book before its too late. Remember, your child isn’t the only one that is going to need these books and once they are sold out, it is going to take time before the new stock comes in. By then, your child may be behind in class and may have loads of pending homework to catch up on.

2. End the Holiday Habits

sleeping child next to clock

It also very important that your child gets a good nights rest before school starts, hence it is important to break the holiday habits of sleeping later than usual.

Unlike an actual clock, resetting our body clock takes some conditioning. It involves a lifestyle change we’ve grown used to over the holidays. One way to do it is to reduce the exposure to electronic devices a few hours before bedtime as it is known to disrupt sleeping patterns. It is also advised to not eat too much a few hours before bedtime as well. It may create an uneasy sensation in our bellies which will make it difficult to sleep.

3. Brief Your Child

mother briefing child

Fast forward to the actual school day, it important tell your child of the certain changes should there be some, even if we may be spelling out the obvious, such as a new school, new transportation and more.

Not to forget, to drill them thoroughly about mannerism and more importantly, safety and actions in various scenarios should they arise as well. You might also want to put a couple of emergency contact numbers in their notebook just in case.

4. Ask About Their Day

mother asking about daughter's day

When you finally get home, ask them how their day was. Let them express their opinion about their day in school as it might provide some useful insight into their surrounding on that day and if there are any alarming issues you as a parent needs to address.

By taking an interest in their lives, you build a sense of trust and in turn, a better relationship with them from a young age.

There you have it! You might want to bookmark this article and ensure you get it right each and every year until it becomes one with your being. You don’t want to be anxious about the start of the new school year.

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