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Who doesn’t know what Ramly Burger is? Burger or hamburger consists of flattened piece of meat (grounded) covered with a slice of cheese, along with green leaf lettuce, and special oozing sauce. All in between two circular shaped buns. Ramly or Ramly Group itself is a Malaysian frozen and fast food company.

History of Ramly

The history of the Ramly brand stretches back to the late 70s to Ramly bin Mokni (also known as Dato’ Dr. Haji Ramly Mokni) who decided to tap into the halal Western market in Malaysia.

The business kicked off from humble beginnings with a street food stall. Ramly was a butcher at that time and grew sceptical on the sources of the fresh meat, leading him to start producing his own halal-certified meat chain for the sake of the Muslim community. 

Today, the company is well-known for its street stalls, which sells the Ramly Burger across Malaysia. Ramly Burger is also considered as a local delicacy and even fancied by the city dwellers. It is not like any other burger like the one you have ever tasted at fast food chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, A&W and so on.

“… one of a kind burger that gives you an ultimate satisfaction…”

The taste of Ramly Burger is beyond tasty than any one of those burgers! It is that one of a kind burger that gives you an ultimate satisfaction from the first bite and makes your mouth water as you got a whiff of the delicious Ramly Burger!

You’ll definitely won’t be able to forget the experience of tasting the juice that comes out of the succulent patty in your mouth.

You can bet that Ramly Burger is the best burger you can have for snacking nighttime with family and friends. Everyone’s talking about it, people even be willing to line up long for it and videos of people taking another bite after a bite from the moment they sink their teeth into Ramly Burger.

The hype is real! You can eat all of those fast food chains burgers, but nothing can beat the taste of flavourful and scrumptious Ramly Burger. What makes it a good burger? Well, it’s always unclear what as some may say the seasoning on the meat, while others may say the best part of a burger would be its special sauce.

how to make beef burger chicken burger quick and easy

Whatever it is, whether it is the seasoning, the sauce, the type of the other components, every burger can taste delectable in its own unique way. So, why don’t you try find it out by trying to make your own Ramly Burger at home, especially with this recipe!

Let’s start making a burger that does not require hours of work in the kitchen and does not need you to go lining up at the stalls!

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Ramly Burger Ingredients:

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homemade special burger ramly beef and chicken


  1. Add 1 tablespoon of butter into the non-stick pan. Fry chicken/meat patty over medium heat until done.
  2. Fry the egg over low heat and spread it evenly on the pan. Place the patty on top of the egg.
  3. Add Worcestershire sauce, curry powder and cheese on the patty.
  4. Wrap the patty with the egg and place them onto the bun.
  5. Spread butter on the bun and toast the bun into non-stick pan over medium heat on both sides (20 secs).
  6. Then, add cabbage and tomatoes. Spread tomato sauce and mayonnaise, cover the bun.

Happy Burger-ing! It’s super easy and more fun to make with your kids in the kitchen. Everyone will surely enjoy making it as you’ll get to add more components of a burger to your liking.

Other Ramly Products

The secret to making a satisfying Ramly Burger at home is in the patty – grilled and seasoned to perfection before being topped with your preferred sauces served hot from the pan. But the beauty of any homemade meal is the flexibility to add your twist to make your meal perfect for your taste buds. With that being said, here are some Ramly products you could choose from:

It never takes long to get a juicy Ramly Burger in your hands, but why bother waiting when you now know the recipe to make this iconic burger from the comfort of your own home? Get all your necessary ingredients with HappyFresh today – no waiting lines, no packets stores, no worries! We’ll deliver your #FreshlyHandpicked groceries to you!