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You are probably no stranger to goreng pisang stalls. In fact, one might still be opening for business diligently near a convenience store after all these years. But these days, we barely get the time to stop by and bungkus some, given that we always have places to be and things to do the moment we start our car engines.

A walk through memory lane would bring us back to simplers time from tight deadlines, bills and taxes to the minutes watching goreng pisang and cekodok pisang cook in a big boiling pot of oil, slowly becoming fragrant and brown, gearing our appetite for a satisfying tea time alongside a teh tariks, some cream crackers and good company. 

Amidst inevitable long queue and abundance of bulk orders, we are always guaranteed to walk away a plastic bag loaded with yummy tidbits, still hot from the pan and dripping oil, but have you ever noticed that green ball covered with white bits? Those small adorable rice balls are known as Onde-onde.   

What is Onde Onde?

Onde-onde is a chewy pandan flavoured rice ball, stuffed with palm sugar (gula melaka) and covered with grated coconut bits. It is also found south of Malaysian borders such as Singapore and Indonesia (known as klepon) but over the years have seen many variations pop up in other countries. Some using yam flour instead of rice flour to make the dough, chocolate fillings instead of palm sugar and covered with cheese grating instead of grated coconuts 

Given that we barely have the time to get our hands on some, here’s an Onde onde recipe that you can make in your very own kitchen whenever you are free.  

Super Simple Onde Onde Recipe

Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: 15 minutes | Serving: 4



  1. Blend pandan leaves with water. Strain the blend to get pulp-free juice.
  2. Combine tepung pulut, tepung gandum, and salt. 
  3. Add pandan extract to form dough. 
  4. Add green colouring. Mix well. 
  5. Roll dough into balls. 
  6. Flatten, add gula melaka cube, and roll back into balls. 
  7. Place filled balls on a tray dusted with wheat flour. 
  8. In a separate platter, mix grated coconut with salt. Set aside. 
  9. In a pot, boil Onde-onde balls until they rise to the top. Remove from pot. 
  10. Roll Onde-onde balls in salted grated coconut. 
  11. Serve!

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