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Cendol is a Southeast Asian dessert that is particularly popular among locals. In Malaysia, cendol is usually sold by street vendors who set up their stalls in their trucks or the back of their motorcycles. These days, many restaurants also serve cendol as part of their dessert menu which means that finding this mouth-watering dessert shouldn’t be that difficult. Yet, imagine knowing how to make your very own cendol, how much easier and cool is that! Say no more, we are here to guide you. With this recipe, you can make one right at home by trying out this simple homemade recipe with easy cendol ingredients. 

Woman pouring coconut milk into a cup of cendol

Before you start, you will need to prepare the right equipment to make proper green cendol strands. Traditionally, a cendol maker is used, one of which many home cooks don’t own. As an alternative, you can also use:

  1. A potato ricer
  2. A big slotted spoon
  3. A perforated plate, usually used for steaming
  4. The plastic or zip-lock bag method which this recipe uses

A cold bowl of cendolCendol Recipe Ingredients:

(A) Palm Sugar Syrup

(B) Cendol Strands

Quick Tip: To know if your pandan leaves are fresh, check the leaves where they were cut. If they are dry or colourless, it indicates that they are no longer fresh.

To Serve

How to Make Cendol:

  1. In a small saucepan, dissolve palm sugar and water at low heat. Knot and add a pandan leaf into the saucepan for extra aroma. Once it simmers, set aside. Your palm sugar syrup is now ready.
  2. Cut and blend pandan leaves with water to get its extract.
  3. In another bowl, mix green bean flour, rice flour, corn flour and salt. Add the pandan extract and mix it well.
  4. Pour mixture into a pot or saucepan and cook over low heat until it thickens into a glossy texture. Remember to stir frequently to avoid the mixture from sticking to the pan.
  5. Remove mixture and pour it into a plastic bag.
  6. Prepare a bowl of water filled with ice cubes.
  7. Push mixture to one side of the plastic bag and snip off the tip.
  8. Slowly squeeze mixture into the bowl of cold water. Let sit for 15 minutes or until firm. Your green cendol strands are now ready.
  9. In another bowl, add a pinch of salt to coconut milk and dilute it with water according to your preference.
  10. To serve, add some crushed ice, cendol strands, cream corn, kidney beans depending on your liking. Finally, finish off with spoonfuls of palm sugar syrup and coconut milk. Serve immediately after.

You can also top your cendol off with some durian as a true Malaysian would!

More easy-peasy recipes down below:

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