If it wasn’t stressed enough, then COVID-19 made it even more vital than ever – the need to stay healthy. Although combatting COVID-19 has always revolved staying clean and hygienic, we still require our bodies to always be at the optimum condition to be able to fend of other illnesses that could leave us vulnerable to COVID-19, but as much as we love getting a good sweat whenever we can, it is also important to fill out bodies with good food.

Eating fruits is a common habit that has not only mentioned multiple times but has proven to keep our health in check. Fruits are packed with vitamins and can be eaten whole or juiced, but fruits aren’t the only thing we can help with healthy living. 

Healthy drinks on a glass cup

Healthy drinks like kombucha and other drink that are natural at its core have become a hot seller, among them include probiotic drinks as well. Sitting among the popular option is Yakult, which has been occupying the chillers of our local supermarkets since 2004 and is now no stranger to healthy folks and probiotic drink junkies. It contains over 6.5 billion beneficial bacteria that has been scientifically proven to improve digestion and immunity if consumed on a regularly.

Today, we enlighten you with some fruity fusion with a Yakult twist – double the nutrition, double the healthy goodness, one that is as fun as it tantalises on our taste buds as well. The mango mint Yakult slushie recipe is as easy as any recipe can be. Simply prep all the ingredients, dump it into the blender and blend away before serving.

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Mango Mint Yakult Slushie Recipe

Prep Time: 10 minutes | Serving: 1 



  1. Blend all ingredients into a thick slushie. 
  2. Enjoy immediately

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