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Eyenimal Auto Cat Laser Toy

Automatic Laser Enable Your Pet To Play And Expend Its Energy Autonomously.Place The Automatic Laser On A Flat Surface, Turn It On And Look At Your Pet Jumping, Chasing And Catching The Laser Point._x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x000D_ -3 Automatic Mode (Slow, Speed, Random)_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x000D_ -Automatic Timer_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x000D_ -360 Degrees Laser Patterns_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x005F_x000D_ -Power Supply: 3 Aa Batteries (Not Included)
RM129.16 / 1 each
RM129.16 / each